Discard Checkout functionality for Sharepoint List Item

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Hi Gurus,

   I am new to Sharepoint.:smile:  I am working in the Sharepoint List. I Want Discard Check-Out functionality. I tried with the Custom Action in SPD. I added a Custom Action 'Discard' and triggered a workflow and wrote my functionality .The issue is, For some users Workflow is not being triggerred. For some users it gets triggered (I checked with Logs).

What could be the issue? Is there any default behavior for Discarding List Item Edit by other user?.

If workflow triggered for all users my problem gets solved.:sad: 

Please help!





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@Annamsoft Hi Anna,


I think it would be helpful to have a bit more detail to understand what exactly is failing. Is the workflow failing to run, or is the workflow running and producing an error? In either case this is most likely a permissions issue. Either your users do not have the required permissions to run the workflow, or the action in the workflow is failing because of the user not having the required permissions. Discard checkout requires a high level of permission on the document library so this very well could be the issue. If you users have the appropriate permissions to discard check-out, then there is no need to run a workflow for this they can just do this already in the UI. If they do not have the required permissions, then I would first advise evaluating whether you can fix this issue with configuration before looking to customise. If you need to carry out an action in a workflow that the user does not have permissions to do themselves, then you need to run your workflows with "App" permissions, because a SharePoint workflow runs in the context of the user who initiated it and therefore you cannot elevate permissions (except in legacy 2010 workflow which I don't advise using). This article here describes the concept of how to elevate permissions of a workflow, if this indeed is the issue you are facing.