Disaster Recovery Single Server 2016 Farm On-Premise Solution

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Seeking a step by step guide for a DR solution for a single server, on-premise SharePoint 2016 Farm on a physical server.

Historically, we had been able to restore the entire server (OS, Applications, etc.) to a virtual machine without a network connection successfully. Meaning that the server would boot up and we'd access the SharePoint Websites within the VM Host. At this point, we can no longer, we just get a blank white page and in ULS, entries to connect to the network for authentication.
Perhaps a recent OS or SharePoint update now prevents, but it was our way of testing a recovery option.

I have referenced this article, https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/sharepoint/how-we-can-be-sure-that-we-have-sufficient-backups... , which lightly discusses a standby farm.


I currently have two virtual machines; a test SharePoint Single Farm (2016) with content. I have a separate 2nd test SharePoint Single Farm (2016) without content - it's my 'standby farm'.

How do I get the 2nd test farm to become the other test Farm? I have both SQL Backups and SharePoint Backups.

The ultimate goal is to understand, practice and successfully restore in this test environment to be prepared in my live environment.

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