Disappearing Link

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So I have a co-worker who published a page on our company’s SharePoint site, and at the top they put a simple header link that says, “May Wellness News”. They change this month to month, as you might be able to tell, and below the link is a summary of the current month’s wellness news. When you click on the header it links you to the full article. It’s simple. The issue is, after my co-worker published this page for May, the header link DISAPPEARED on their end. It doesn’t exist. No HTML, no nothing. But it appears to all of us users who view the page. Apparently they are still able to see the link in Internet Explorer, but our company uses Microsoft Edge for, almost, all of our online applications. Edge is up to date, cache/history/cookies were cleared, the page was deleted and then republished by someone else, and the issue still stands. Any advice/tips would be appreciated. It feels like an Easter Egg Hunt looking for this link. Thanks!
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