Disabling Teams banner

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We are seeing a Teams Banner or advertisement on SharePoint sites recently. We are not able to use Teams in our organization and are not planning on rolling it out.





This banner notification causes confusion for users and will increase support calls. Especially as it has a link to "Create a Team".


Is it possible to stop this from appearing?



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@Deleted I've seen this banner on Modern Team sites (Office 365 Group-connected) to promote to Teamify them. 



Aaah okay only Group based sites, in our case that is fine as we will only be creating stand-alone SP sites.

That's correct the banner only shows for Group connected sites and there is not way to disable it shows up

@DeletedI'm curious, how come you are not allowed to use Teams?

@Deleted I blogged about this at TL;DR: Yes, possible to disable by setting a property bag value on the site.

@Trevor Seward  great thanks, I should have thought to check the property bag

Highly regulated environment where each product has to be specifically approved, Teams isn't on the list.
Hi Trevor,
Thank you for the reference, Can we do it using JSON, which can be included in Site Script.
It isn't part of Site Script functionality.