Disabling SharePoint Modern Pages

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Is there a way to default the "add a page" option to something other than a site page? At this current stage as we are limited to the functionality of adding webparts to Modern Pages, our users still would like to use Wiki or Webpart pages but now they have to navigate to the Site Pages library to create these pages. 

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Hi, did you find a solution for this challenge? we're having the same challenge and I've yet to find a solution Smiley Indifferent

You Could still use the classic view or do you mean in your sites overview?

We mean the button with the text "add a page" that appears when you're on a sharepoint site and you click on the Gear icon ⚙

I found this (http://sharepointmaven.com/how-to-bypass-the-new-modern-team-site-page-experience/) article with a workaround, but what we really want is an option to make the button create the old site pages again (wikipages)

Ok did not read correctly sorry don't know how maybe with PNP