Disabling default view "All Documents" for one folder of Document Library



I have 10 folders at Document Library, one of them named as "MyFolder".


There is Defult view "All Documents" applicable to all folders including MyFolder.


I have created one more view Say "MyView" with [ME] criteria .


My Requirement :

- Only want to implement view MyView for MyFolder.

- Disable "All Document" view for MyFolder only.


Please suggest!!


Amit Srivastava

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This isn't possible. 


If you didn't want to see an All documents when you clicked on My View you have to move that one folder to a new document library. Its not the way views work. They are applicable for the whole document library. 

Hi Andrew,
Thanks for reply.
Is there any other way by which my user can only see those files which they uploaded however me as an admin can see all the files.

Amit Srivastava



You would need to setup a Flow using Power Automate to do that. On creation of any file the Flow would permission the file to the person that created the file.