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We've been using welcome pages for a document set but want to switch to using the modern list view now. Does anyone know how to disable the welcome pages? 

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Hey @klaw-sha, in what you described I guess you are already using the classic sharepoint 2013 sites. I tested the remaining (classic) document set within a Project Library and it only looks like a hidden folder within in the library, nothing there to see on a starting or home page as we used to have on doc sets.

see screenshot attached. In my site i definitely have only the modern layout (image).


You can change the libraries layout by clicking on the gear, then go to library settings, after then choose the advanced options link. Within that page you have to scroll until the very last option, to change from classic layout to modern layout or set the default layout, what your sharepoint admin decided.

Thank you so much for replying to me. I changed this setting as you recommended and unfortunately we are still being shown the Doc Set welcome page instead of modern view. :(

At this point I may be forced to create a new doc set content type and have to convert all the doc sets, update my views, and flows :'(

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Hello @klaw-sha, then one of your developpers did some extra-coding to nail that page IN your site system. If you are the SP Admin, go to the SP Admin Center, then to the left nagigation in there - Settings - link with "classic settings". I only can guess, that you can disable the old scripts, which are responsible for this user defined command, but cannot guarantee for anything. If you are sure to work only on the new modern Layout you will be safe to disable the old scripts, because will - in the short run - be deactivated as well.  BUT: pls. ask your SP Admin of his intention to let your SP Site run with the classic design as well. Maybe there are some other SP Sites that need the classic Sites and then scripts will be causing errors on their behalf.... NO DISCLAIMER from my Side.


Greets, Eva.

@Eva VogelThank you so much for all of this information. I will send this up to administrators and see what can be done.

Hello! You re welcome. If you succeed, give me a LIKE .