Disable showing folder path on shared links?

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Can you PLEASE add the ability to hide the folder path on shared links, so external users dont see the internal company file structure that the file is in?  That should be the default behavior, as i cant imagine any scenario where you would want external people to see your whole folder structure.  If im sharing a folder i understand the need for showing that folder name, but its parent folder should be hidden.  

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Same for me, I’m surprised this hasn't been realized yet! That is an absolute no-go. If someone receives a shared link from me and does not belong to my organization, he can see the whole folder structure! This means that if all my folders have confidential titles, with customer names, customer numbers etc., the person who received the link from me can see everything. This must not happen in the company! Neither Google nor other services have this and cannot allow it.  This is part of the company's data protection and guidelines. The same applies to hyperlinks. The entire folder structure can also be read out in the hyperlink.  Here is the Video I recorded for this case: https://app.screencast.com/GeCULx1Jt4RgT