Disable "merging"


We have a sharepoint site and need the users to be able to open the excel file, update and save changes.  The file has multiple macros and vba coding for things, therefore it must open in the actual application and cannot use the online version.  

So cannot use "read only"...

We have also found (via VBA coding) a way so that when the file opens, if you are the first to open you can go forward, but if you are not, it msg boxes you to either open in read only or close the file.  The problem is if they chose to open in read only.... when they do close the file, it still asks if they want to merge with the latest file (even if they click yes, no changes appear to merge) but to avoid confusion, like to disable this prompt or automatically click "NO".  I am cross posting this between sharepoint and excel boards as this may have answers in either but have not been able to find anything when searching the net.

Overall, this is 1 of 2 prompts that we need to disable.  The other is that when the file opens and if they are the 2nd+ person, it asks them if they want to save before converting the file to read only and think that one is truly an excel coding item, but if anyone has any way to click NO or disable that one also, any help / assistance is greatly appreciated.

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