Disable mail notifications for translations

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Hi all ! 


I've activated language options and translations on a communication site (No designated translators)

I would like to know if there's a way to disable the mail notifications after translated pages are published ? 






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We have 14 languages and our comms team is starting to get annoyed by this.
I go to the "User alerts" on the Site Administration page and there are no alerts mentioned.
We've had the same question in our organization. I assume that Microsoft has not built in an option to disable these notficiations.
I think it's a useful feature. If I, as the source language page author, request a translation, it's only logical that I be notified when the requested translation is done.
And if I'm really that annoyed by this information, I create a Outlook rule to filter out these notifications (for heaven's sake...).
Did anyone ever find a way to turn these notifications off? It's frustrating that this question was asked more than a year ago and there's still no clear way to do this.
Anyone found a solution for this? This is still happening in 2022


did you by any chance find a solution?

We have the same issue and it is very annoying


Thank you


@Philipp Hammer