Disable autoplay on sharepoint

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I am desperately trying to put videos on my sharepoint sites. Via "Stream" is not possible, because we also have Guests and Users of other Companies with their own Microsoft 365 Business. 


So I tried to embed a video from OneDrive, which didn't work. So my third idea was to use the Documents of sharepoint itself. Embedding worked, and can be shown by all guests. So far so good. But the video is set on autoplay by default. Thats quite annoying. Especially if you have two or more videos on the same page. I tried like this: (I have no idea of coding, i tried to use the embed code from stream.)


<iframe width="640" height="360" src="https://company.sharepoint.com/:v:/g/EUJrnVjhpUFFgpgKIglbiEgBasdaX_QqHH09XaCLY6UEg?e=uYpiIY?autoplay=false&amp;showinfo=false" allowfullscreen style="border:none;"></iframe>


 Or is there maybe another option?

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Unfortunately your options until version 2 of Streams come to Microsoft 365 are limited to what you have described here :(