Disable Access Requests for a specific document library

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I'm looking to disable to user access requests for a specific document library. The site having this library has access requests enabled and we would like to keep it that way and disable this only for the document library. The document library has unique permissions and doesn't include any of the default groups. 


Thanks in Advance!!

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Hello @Charlie933 


which function in libraries do you mean?


The Access Request is an option on site level, you can request access for an site. I think in your scenario, with stopping permission interhitance, you can't request access for your dedicated library. The thing, that you wish. I don't know more options to set it on other levels.


Best, Dave

Hi @David,

Users are still able to request access for the library which has unique permissions and the access requests are being sent to the Site Owners. I have seen few old posts, attaching one below, for on-prem sharepoint where we can disable requests for specific library or redirect access requests to specific people. Just wondering if we can do the same on SPO. Disabling the access requests for the document library would still be our priority.