Digital signed pdf doesn’t show digital signature in browser, when file open using SPO Doc Lib

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Digital signed pdf doesn’t show digital signature in browser, when file open using SharePoint Online Document Library


Replication Steps

Step 1:- When user upload the PDF file with digital signature in SharePoint Online i.e. “Communication Site” out of the box document library.

Step 2:- User double click on the filename and open into browser.

Step 3:- Provided Digital Signature area shows blank i.e. without signature


Screen Shot with Signature File








Screen Shot with Missing Signature after browse from document library



Please have a look and share your views or suggestion, if you faced such issue with SharePoint Online.

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What happens if you try to open the file in the browser without opening from SPO? It could be a problem of the Office 365 File Viewer

@Juan Carlos


Yup, If i download and browse the file using browser or open with PDF, Digital Signature Persists. But unfortunately it doesn't appear when file browse using SPO document Library.

I've experienced a similar issues with a different digital signature when viewing via browser. 


The only way for me to check an e-signature is to download the file locally and open from the client app since it will need to verify the attached digital certificate. It is understandable that this can be a potential security issue. 




Thanks @Fred Y  @Juan Carlos González Martín  for your time.

I got workaround which work using Data Column Formatting.
Applied below data column formatting to Name Column, Then browser shows the digital signature of PDF file.



"$schema": "",
"elmType": "a",
"txtContent": "@currentField",

"attributes": {
"target": "_blank",
"href": "='<SiteCollectionUrl>/<Document Lib>/' + [$FileLeafRef]+'?web=1'"


@Manoj Mittal Are you actually opening the file in the browser?  SPO opens PDFs in a view mode.  Click the drop down arrow next to Open and select Open in Browser.  After selecting Open in Browser the digital signature should appear.

PDF Open.png