Differing versions of Microsoft Lists

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I manage four Microsoft Lists that are stored on the same Sharepoint site within our organisation. Until this week, all four were using the version of Lists that was introduced last year; with the tabbed UI for views, the multi-user editing indicator etc, however two of the lists have spontaneously reverted to the previous version without these features. I can see no obvious reason why two of the lists would have reverted. Unfortunately I don't have administrative permissions but can anyone suggest any possible reasons/fixes? My guess it is something at Microsoft's end that I hope will spontaneously correct. 


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@laser132217 Microsoft has a history especially with SharePoint builds of releasing something and finding a bug and rolling back or overwriting one update with another branch build. Eventually it’ll update but there can be inconsistency with releases sometimes.  

Thanks Chris. Would that explain why some of my lists are on the newer version but not others though? I'd have thought if they were rolling something back it would be more uniform.
I still don't have it at all and my boss did. Hard to say at this point. Possible some lists might have certain column types in views that don't support the new one etc. possibly when it comes to list to list.