Difference between "Share" and "Advanced Settings" share

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Hello experts,


Could anyone please help me to understand differences between the two ways of sharing files/folders from SharePoint below?


What are the pros and cons of these?


I'm particularly interested in sharing with external users. I've done some research but there was lots of changes recently to SharePoint and the info I've found - well I'm confused.


Example: when I use "Share", it creates a link - ok for now. However, looks like external users loose the access to it after some time and need to re-share it. I do not have "expiration" configured so not sure why that happens. When I re-share, it works fine again.

Also, I've found info that with the link - even when I share with "specific ppl" only, the link itself can be used by ppl who I did not shared with in case that someone will forward the link to other person (I'm not sure if that really works like this, but if yes, then "sharing with specific ppl" is quite useless when trying to keep shared data as most secure as possible). So in fact, the link is available for anyone and using this option is just to email it to specific ppl? Not sure if this is still true as the info was from an article 2y old... :\


I was using "SharePoint external authentication" until last Friday. On Friday, I did enable "B2B Integration with Entra" so not sure if that will change the behaviour. I know about differences between External Auth and B2B Entra integration in general.


Anyway, which option is better/more secure for external sharing? When to use "Share" and when to share via "Advanced Setting"?


Grateful for any info that could make it more clear for me :)


Thank you in advance.

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