Difference between a Hub site and the new Home Site setting?


I have a Hub site which is the main landing for our intranet (under construction). Several Communication sites are associated with it. I recently read in an email that a new option is available called Home Site which is explained here .


I guess I'm not understanding the difference between the two. The Hub/Communication site that we use already has the functions that are mentioned in the link above. Can anyone explain why I would want to set up the Home Site option?

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Hi @alandarr ,


From the official release about Home Sites:-


5. What is the difference between a hubs and home site?

a) Hubs and Home sites are added functionalities to our two modern site types Team and Communication.

A hub is used organize sites with a shared theming, navigation, search and news roll ups.

A home site serves as the top level portal with unique functionality like special SP mobile treatment, organizational news, tenant wide search, integration with SP start page, etc.


Biggest thing I see is that clicking on your company logo anywhere in Office 365 takes you to your Home site. A home site is traditional what you would call your Intranet.  You can turn a Hub into a Home site. You can only have one home site. 

I wasn't sure if my Hub site could be the Home Site. Seems like that would be the thing to do.
Thanks for that info!