Did anyone used a backup tool named "cloud berry" to backup sharepoint sites

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today i had a meeting with our backups admins, to discuss their plan to backup sharepoint online sites including sites and managed services such as term stores and search. and they mentioned that they are planning to use a tool offered from https://www.cloudberrylab.com/ . now they demo the tool to me, where they access a backup using the office 365 admin and i can see all the site collections and we can navigate to the lists and libraries and view the documents and items and pages...


one concern i had is that since they will access the backup using the office 365 admin, then i were not sure if we can backup the users' onedrives and sites created by end users (as by default the office 365 admin will no have permission to access those sites) + i were not sure if the tool only support sites backup or it also support the term store and search service backups?

so can anyone advice if they have come across this tool before or use it before? i am planning to contact the vendor , but wanted to check if anyone use this tool before?


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First time I heard about that tool...why don't you ask this to them? For sure they will provide the right answer