Determining where the SharePoint sites associated with Teams teams are created


When a Teams Team is created in effect a 365 Group is created and a host of other things, one of which is an associated SharePoint site, or as I call it a "SharePoint site behind".

I want to know how the location/url of this 'SharePoint site behind' is set.

I have found in the SharePoint Admin Center under Settings the Site Creation :- 


Am I on the the right lines?

Do I correctly interpret this 'Create teams sites under' as saying there are only two locations where the SharePoint sites behind teams i.e. Microsoft 365 group-connected team sites, can be created?


In our tenant this setting is currently set to 'sites' .  If it is changed to 'teams' what else will it have an impact on other than the location of the sites which sit behind/are associated with Teams teams?

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@MaryHill This is regarding to all "Team Sites". Not specifically Microsoft Teams sites, but also regular SharePoint sites as well. This setting changes the default location for all new SharePoint Sites as well.

@Beau Cameron many thanks for responding so quickly.

This Microsoft document  implies that it's a setting for Microsoft 365 group-connected team sites


I understand in SharePoint when creating a new SP site there are three options:

  1. A Communication site
  2. A team site without an Office 365 group
  3. A team site connected to an Office 365 group

My organisation create SP team sites without an Office 365 group (since we migrated from SharePoint on prem).

I guess that when you create a SP team site connected to an Office 365 group manually you can specify the url as you can do when you a classic SP site, i.e. a SP team site without an Office 365 group. 

But SP sites which are created when MS Teams Teams are created, appear to be created automatically, so is this setting to only place you can effect the location, .../sites or .../teams?

@MaryHill Yes. SharePoint Online supports two managed paths. /sites and /teams. /Sites is the default for SharePoint Environments. The option to use /Teams as the default as you are thinking about, is a great way to make the sites associated with Microsoft Teams to be created under /Teams.  This is the only place it can be configured.