Determine What is Seen in Power Apps Based on Action in SharePoint (Customized Form)

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I am modifying a SharePoint custom form using Power Apps.

SharePoint allows you 'New' or 'Edit', which will open the form.

In my custom Power Apps form I have a main screen. On the screen are two containers, 'Container1' and 'Container1'.

Container1 has a gallery that is displaying existing information from the SharePoint list based on the user selecting an 'Item' in the SharePoint list.

Container2 has the same fields, but that are empty. Container2 is used to populate and upload new data to the SharePoint list.

Current, when the 'New' or 'Edit' are chosen in the SharePoint Container1 is the default view.

Is there a way to write a formula in Power Apps that knows which action ('New' or 'Edit' has been selected in the SharePoint list, so that I can write a variable that opens that specific container, rather than defaulting to the 'Edit' view (Container1)?

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