Description of document library - where does it show?

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When I create a new document/picture library, there is a field for description with clear instructions:

"Type descriptive text that will help site visitors use this library."


SharePoint Document Library description.png


Sounds nice and simple, but does anyone know where this description actually shows in the site or in the library? I've added descriptions but they don't seem to pop up anywhere! How is the description supposed to help if visitors can't even see it?

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It's only you, the description is not displayed in the Document Library page and it happens i both modern and classic UI

You can find the description of the library in the Document Library settings screen.


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In classic UI it will show on hover over the document library title and on click of the small info icon ontop of the library. In modern it won't show up, but you should look at modern still as an early beta anyways. There are a ton of thinks not working in modern yet...

but that is not helpful to the typical user. It needs to show up in the tool tip when we hover over the library link in the quick launch bar and above the toolbar when the library is open, but it does not currently show up in either of these locations in my tenant
Modern libraries have been available for many months, small bugs like this should already have been fixed, but obviously they have not been (:

This looks like a bug to me, hopefully MS will get it fixed soon. 


@Dan Holmecan you make sure that this gets some attention by the appropriate people?

I was able to find the description when I switched to Classic UI. It's nice to know that at least it used to exist in some visible form... Maybe there is hope that one day you can find that in the modern UI too.

Thank you all for your replies!
I agree with this, description is important to a typical user.

We have a lot of open document libraries and it would be really helpful to be able to communicate their purposes ans contents to any possible visitor - not just to those who use the library in every day.



The Document Library description pops up when you click on the 3 dots on the Site contents page, which is not ideal, yet old school SharePoint.

@Pieter Veenstra Users do not open the Library / List settings to find the description

You look old enough to know that Microsoft is not, never was, and (apparently) never will be a Truly-World-Class-Enterprise-Technology. Even Bill Gates knew to retire when the rest of Microsoft thought they could do something they obviously cannot. Another example: How in the (expletive) can they put something out there, expecting Fortune 500 companies to use it, that scrolls the column headers off the screen? ANSWER: They are apparently too stupid to know they are stupid.

5 years later and...this is still not solved... Come on MS Modern SharePoint Team, how hard can this be? Solve these small yet annoying left overs from leaving Classic and going Modern. Please solve asap.
I suggest to eather add the description below the title of the library or make it visible when you click the (i) icon @Chris McNulty 

We know, but normal users will not go there, even have no access. Description should show to visitors and contributors, not just admin guys who can find their way.
By now, 5 years later one could hope this was added as a very simple, very easy low hanging addition to Modern Document Library display. Yet, MS fails to deliver. Are they even following these threads...:-(

@Pieter Veenstra We want the USERS to see this text, not Designers who put it there, yeah cuz, the Designer already knows this text, because the Designer put it there. USERS, we want USERS to be able to USE these APPS.  Nothing in the universe has ever been developed as pathetic as SharePoint - from the USERS perspective.