Depreciation of 'Shared with us' on Group Sites

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In leu of the latest update to the document library on groups sites showing 'In channels' and 'In site library' sections, the 'Shared with us' menu item that allowed you to locate any resources shared with the group centrally has been removed. After contacting Microsoft support, they indicated that this feature is being depreciated. There has been no admin notifications, timeline, or indication of how users are expected to locate resources shared with the group from the group context.


My question is what next? It cant be logical to just drop a feature that supported collaborative working without a viable alternative. The expectation can't be to direct people to Onedrive to find these in the share section defeats the concept of group-centric working and going to one place to locate everything to do with that group.

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So this is true? Have you received any further information about this? A user just reached out to me regarding this functionality and have been scratching my head myself.....

Hi @HenryDog,


Yes, see extract below of my latest conversation with support.


"Please kindly know that there are no known ETA notifications regarding this neither a feature replacing it.
Please also note that there is no feature telling a user of all the resources shared with a particular user. This would be the same in the context of a group.
If there is a resource shared with a group that is accessed frequently, it can be added as a link in the navigation."
So they are saying that not only does this feature not exist but they don't plan to sent any depreciation notifications and that the process to find shared documents relevant to the group is to manually add the individual links to a section.
Uhhh interesting. Welp, what has your work around process been?
I was afflicted by this issue for the past couple months. But it seems in the past few days the Shared with Us option started appearing again on it's own.
So odd. I can't trust it though. Who knows when they will pull it again. I opened up a ticket with Microsoft and their answer was clear as mud on what is going on.
Im glad it's back, can't be sure for how long but i can see it now too. I wonder what Microsoft are playing at. If someone from Microsoft sees this, please can you be a little bit clearer and more considerate. Thanks.