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Hi, we just switched to O-365, I want to incorporate share-point to the core of our data management,that is file storing and sharing in my organisation. We are an Architecture company, and our data consist of Revit file, CAD files primarily. I wanted to know, what is the easiest and simplest way to switch to cloud without involving a IT team.


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My suggestion would be not to try and cut corners on this.  Moving your data to the cloud (especially something like CAD files requires careful planning and preparation. I'd advise you to do the opposite of what you are asking and in fact take great care to involve an IT team or IT Consultancy I'm afraid.


User experience is critical when migrating content to the cloud, and planning and preparation are crucial to a successful migration.


CAD files in SharePoint Online and OneDrive used to be very problematic, but things have come a long way as per this article -


But please do consider a carefully planned and executed project for this.  You need to start with a diligent assessment of the current state of your data, how it is accessed, which migration tools and methodologies will be best suited to your needs, and give you the smoothest transition and best user experience to ensure business continuity.


Not the answer you are looking for perhaps, but from my own experience as a Consultant, this approach will serve you best.

@Sidagr19 we have a rule in our company that SharePoint must not be used to store live Revit, CostX, CAD and other specialist files. This is because it breaks the xrefs and there are still other issues. 

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@Sidagr19 As you're an architecture company, I rewrote your post as an architecture question.


"I want an addition on my office that will be the core of our working space, with room for individual and collaborative work, meetings, conferencing and maybe a cafeteria with a pool table so my 800 employees can relax at lunch. What is the easiest and simplest way to build this addition without consulting an architect?"


Building an information architecture is no different. For something this critical to your business, you need to consult an information architecture specialist. This is not something we can advice on a tech forum.