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In the list view of my document library, I have several columns. The two I'd like to make dependent are "Business Function" and "Document Type".  "Business Function" has 10 items and "Document Type" is 130 items. When a user selects a "Business Function", I'd like to present a filtered "Document Type" that displays only those items related to the selected "Business Function".

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@JonBrodin To establish dependent lists in your SharePoint document library, employ cascading Lookup columns. Designate "Business Function" as the parent column and "Document Type" as the child column. Begin by creating "Business Function" as a "Text" type and "Document Type" as a "Choice" type. Develop a lookup relationship by right-clicking on "Business Function," choosing "Data Validation," and selecting "Lookup Settings." Connect this relationship to the "Document Type" column.


For filtering "Document Type" based on the chosen "Business Function," leverage either SharePoint Designer or Power Automate. In SharePoint Designer, access your site, open the library, and introduce a "Content Query Web Part." With Power Automate, craft a flow triggered by item creation or modification. In both scenarios, apply a filter to "Document Type" according to the selected "Business Function."


In SharePoint Designer, utilize the "Edit Query" dialog to define the "Where" clause. In Power Automate, integrate a "Filter" action within an "Apply to each" block. Ensure the "Document Type" column reflects the filtered outcomes.


Following these steps empowers dependent lists in your SharePoint document library, allowing users to filter "Document Type" based on their chosen "Business Function."