Delve Favorites keep disappearing


Hi - 


My Delve Favorite documents keep disappearing from SharePoint online. I literally added 8 docs yesterday, and all are gone. A few seem to stick, but the rest continuously disappear. I've added several documents multiple times, and the next day, they're gone. Sometimes they're gone as soon as I hit refresh!


The source files aren't moving around on SharePoint, they are staying put, and I am a global admin, so I have access to everything. 


I wouldn't care so much if I hadn't started included the wonder of Delve Favorites in SharePoint training for staff - because of course this problem didn't start happening until I began crowing to everyone about how they should use Favorites. 


I don't really use Boards (I don't like that I can't delete them or change their names), but my fake Boards all seem to be intact. 


Anyone else run into this? 



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To be honest Caite, I have stopped relying on Delve since the discussion thread I started here [The Future of Delve]. The problem you describe sounds like an issue with the Microsoft Graph. To assist you from Microsoft I’ll copy in @Naomi Moneypenny who ‘owns’ Delve and the search experience in SharePoint and @Jeremy Thake who works on the Microsoft Graph. If the problem persists you may wish to raise a support case through the Admin Center. Hope this helps a bit!

Thank you!! I would love to use this feature, but it is unusable in its current state. 


It seems like lot of users faced similar issues in the past. I never had this issue though.