Delpolying Apps from the SharePoint Store

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We are trying to get SharePoint Apps to work on our tenant. Everything is place and we want this to happen with the SharePoint store.

When a user makes an app request it goes to an admin for approval. This is working. As soon as the app is downloaded to the tenet app catalog, it deploys to all site collections. This is not what we want, we want the app to show up on site collections of our choosing only.

This article, under “Deploy a third-party app”, explains a process that looks like it is supposed to do exactly that. Even if you follow these steps it still deploys to all the site collections.

Is there something were missing?

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Have you tried to deploy the Apps to the sites you want using the actions available in the App downloaded from the store?

As soon as the app is downloaded to the app catalog, it deploys to ever site colection. You can click the deployment option and tell it one site collection, but doesn't matter, it stays deployed to every single one.

@Juan Carlos González Martín