Deleting SharePoint Sync Folder in the computer

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Hi everyone,

I have synced a SharePoint folder which is like 25GB onto my laptop.
I want to free up the disk space by deleting the Sync folder.

I stopped the Sync of the said SharePoint from OneDrive app. Then I tried to delete the folder from File Explorer.
It asks for elevated permissions to delete the folder.

I'm a standard user in the company domain, and I asked the IT to check it.
When he enter the Admin password, it then gives an error 'Folder Access Denied" asking for permissions from my user account but it only shows the error, no option to enter any credentials.


Can you please help with this, how to get the folder deleted?

Thank you

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Hello, I just had the same issue on a corporate laptop where I had stopped synching a Sharepoint folder but could not delete it from my machine without 'administrator permissions'. There was a sub-folder in the folder I was trying to delete which may have been the issue. When I deleted the sub-folder first I could then delete the main folder.