Deleting images (assets)

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Does anybody know if there is a way to identify saved assets / images that are not being used anywhere? 


I've created hundreds of pages in my Modern SharePoint site over the past couple of years. Some permanent, some temporary. I've been pretty good at remembering to delete the temporary pages when they are no longer needed. But I've realised that any image associated with that page doesn't get deleted with the page. It's not a problem right now, but I'm aware they are taking up space unecessarily. 


I don't want to delete all my old images as this will mess up some of the permanant pages. Is there an easy way to see if an image is being used anywhere or not, so I know whether it is safe to delete?

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Any resolution on this? In our tenant, these old images are occasionally included in Search. Would like for them to be deleted when page is deleted.
I have the same question, there should be an easy solution for this. Even though we create a flow with PowerAutomate, how would it know which picture folder is associated to the news since it has a completely different name?