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We just started using sharepoint recently.  There are files I need to delete, but when I delete them they come right back.  Our administrator checked and made sure I was set up so I could delete.  It did not fix the problem.  See example - I am trying to delete the highlighted files.  It lets me delete but they come right back.

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What if you would try and delete them straight from within SharePoint Online (web browser)? It might provide you with more details than the OneDrive sync client.

@Joost van der Linden   Just tried that but can't find an option to delete.  And won't let me drag to the recycle bin.  Maybe they still do not have my permissions done correctly.  Kelly

Hi @Shs1201, Kelly,


That definitely looks like lack of permissions.

Unfortunately you cannot drag items from within a document library to the Recycle bin from within the SharePoint web site.


Do you see the "New" button which allows you to create a new folder or file? This helps us to determine if you have Edit permissions.


This behavior can also occur when, for example, a retention label has been applied to the documents.

@Joost van der Linden   Looks like it.  Guess I will check again with our Admin to make sure she has me set up correctly.  How do I check to see if a retention label has been applied?  Kelly

Okay so the permissions seem to be OK.
So what if you delete a file from there, does it show a descriptive error message.
You would be able to see if a retention label is applied by selecting a file and opening the information pane:
A column name Retention Label should be shown if this is applied. But apart from that there could be more things causing this issue. Keep me posted.
When I try to delete the file a box pops up that says.
"Deleting an online-only file permanently removes it from your PC without sending it to the Recycle Bin. Are you sure you want to continue?"

So it deletes but it comes right back