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We are soon launching a new intranet based on SharePoint Online communication sites. We have local news sites and the articles from these are all shown on a central news site.

Our editors are creating test articles, and these keep showing up in the News web part long after they have been deleted - and we are talking weeks after! 

I am desperate to find a way to remove these before we launch. Any suggestions?

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@Jakob Rohde / @Microsoft

Same prolem here. 

We have an Intranet launch soon and having the following issues since some weeks:

- deleted news items keep showing up in the home page news webparts (rollup news from other sites, seleted y 'from this sites'). The news articles in the sites where they are created have a news wepoart too, and there they disappear. there (news 'from this site')

- They keep in there for weeks now - no possbiility to remove them

- clearing the recycle bin or reindexing the site pages library does not help either

- also the labels on the picture do not work (some do, some don't). These labels link to the news site homepage where the article is from.

-We roll up from 10 sites on the homepage in 2 news webpart

-All 10 (subject) news sites are organizational news sites and set as such with Powershell.


@Mark_Lammerse I always tell our staff not to delete a news item as it doesn't delete it from the the top-level hub news web part. Instead they should demote the news article from Promoted State = 2 to Promoted State = 0 which WILL remove the article from the hub news web part. By default the Promoted State column in the Site Pages library is read-only, but you can can make it editable. I have posted a how-to on that here.


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