Deleted a system column - Help!

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So we have managed to delete what appears to be a system generated column from the Site Pages library called Banner Image URL. Now we are getting an error when trying to edit Site Pages saying that column cannot be found. The column was not visible in the list of columns in the back end Library Settings but was available in Show / Hide columns to add to a view. After deciding it was not needed in the view, rather than hiding it again the Delete option at the bottom of the Edit Column panel was used (why is that even an option on system columns?). Is there any way back from this? 

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I've not tried this yet, so I can't confirm this will work, but does the Site Pages library present you with an option to restore the library to an earlier version.  More info on this link.  I don't know if this does anything for site columns but a quick test in non-production library or site should confirm whether this is a viable option.

Thanks for the info Steven. I did see an article about that feature and it was talking more about content being restorable, whether that is because that is all it does or not I don't know. We don't see that restore option on our menu in our Tenant (like many other useful things our admins don't want us to use) so I was thinking if someone knew for sure it would do what we need then I can ask for it to be activated. However I have just found out our admins are testing a backup and restore tool this week so at least we have a backup. They are going to test restoring the Site Page library this afternoon.

Just a quick update. The site was restored using the backup tool currently in test with our SharePoint admins. As a solution it worked and meant that we only had a coupe of days edits to redo. The ability to delete that column and break the site is still there which is a concern.