Delete the "Shared with us" link on navigation menu for modern sites

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Hi everyone!


I've tried to remove the lin on the navigation bar called "Shared with us". It appears whenever it wants and disappear...


I've read many posts but it looks that no one have tried or want to remove this link. Why? Help!

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@ganeshsanap :

SharePoint frontpage (not there):  PalleJensen_0-1664437195369.png


After clicking a library, it shows up (its in danish):  PalleJensen_1-1664437290665.png



Is it possible for you to reconsider the idea of removing the link that is auto generated?
The value behind the link is to identify data that is shared through the specific MS Teams channel, to other areas. This is a way to manage the data lifecycle and ultimately, GDPR.

Is there a reason you are using a Team site and not a communication site? Is the "Frontpage" the landing page of your SharePoint Online environment?

I could gladly help you with the SPO/Teams architecture. With a communication site, the "shared with us/delt med os" will not be visible.

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Aref Halmstrand

For me, the first issue is, that it pops out in the middle of a "structured" list. That is MAJORLY poor design.
The second issue is, that I have made a site suited for my teams needs, and this "shared with us" is not part of our needs, as nothing will be shared with us (in this team).

I assume that "removing it from the list" would be a fairly simple task, (the functionality could still be part of the site, just no shortcut sometimes showing up).

I will not argue with you there in regards of the design.

However, to solve your issue. Please try to create a private channel. A private channel does by default not allow "external" collaboration. As you mentioned, nothing will be shared in that specific team. In that case, a private channel will also allow you to have a "zero-trust" solution.

By creating a private channel, the "shared with us" link will not show up.

Please mark as best reply if this solved your issue. :)

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Aref Halmstrand
Has this been solved? If not, please check my recent reply before this one.

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Aref Halmstrand
From what I can see, this will appear in the left navigation anytime someone goes into a document library within a Private Group site.

the "shared with us" will appear on url with this syntax


when you use sharepoint site URL, e.g.
it won't show the "shared with us", but once you clicked any list on left side bar you will be provided with "shared with us", no matter customization you did it will keep showing up

cant upload screenshot due to permission issue

Changing the Navigation Orientation from Vertical to Horizontal removes the "Shared with Us" button.




more like doesn't show in horizontal, can you confirm it still shows in vertical?

It can also be hidden from vertical navigation

Follow the link below.







This article is for removing recycle bin but it will also remove shared with us button.

That is not a viable option in the modern SharePoint landscape, thanks for contributing
There are two workarounds I've stumbled upon:

1) The "Shared with us" link appears in the modern experience whenever you are directly viewing a list or library. If you are viewing a page, it does not appear. You can remove the "Shared with us" entirely by embedding lists or libraries in a page and only having pages accessible in the navigation bar.

2) "Shared with us" can also be removed by changing the navigation from vertical (on the left) to horizontal (at the top). To do this, from anywhere, click on the gear/cog icon > "Change the look" > "Navigation" > select "Horizontal" orientation.

@gbartumeu I know this thread is pretty old from it's original post, but I've seen some activity not to long ago.


I was able to get the "Shared with us" to stop showing up by building the left navigation by hand. I don't like clicking Yes for displaying this library on the Quick Launch when creating new content. Just a pet peeve of mine. So, I haven't really seen it in sites that I'm creating. However, it just came up on a client site where I didn't build everything. Sure enough, the creators had the setting set to Yes. By changing the setting to No and rebuilding the link in the left navigation, the "Shared with us" link stops appearing. 

I recently deleted the Web application "Mysite Host" and also the User Profile service connected to it. Then re created the whole stuff. After connecting to the personal mysite site collection, I found out that in "shared with me" nothing has been deleted. all of the shared documents from long before are still shown there, none of them exist any more and don't open...
How can I get ride of none existent "Shared with me" content?
any help is much appreciated.

chiropractorLog in to your SharePoint site with appropriate permissions. Click on the gear icon in the top-right corner to access the site settings.

  1. Navigate to Navigation Settings:

    In the site settings, find and click on "Navigation elements" or "Navigation" under the "Look and Feel" or "Site Administration" section. The exact wording may vary based on your SharePoint version and settings.

  2. Edit the Navigation:

    In the navigation settings, you should see the links included in your navigation menu. Locate the "Shared with us" link in the list

On a contemporary website, you typically need to make adjustments to the site's settings in order to remove the "Shared with us" link from the menu. Depending on the website system you're using, there may be variations in the process, but as an administrator, you often need special access. To remove the "Shared with us" link , you might need to access the menu settings or modify the menu. Don't forget to save your modifications or the link will stop appearing in the menu. Check the website's instructions for guidance if you need it and are unsure of how to proceed.

@gbartumeu Still there, Feb 9 2024. Please remove asap

Still going in April 2024.  Looks like the "Shared with Us" is directly linked to the document library and shows up as a view. (view=3)


But the link just shows up, for me at least, as the third item on the navigation, regardless of what else I add.  I can't move it, hide it, and it throws off the list.  Click the wrong item?  Need to let it fully load because if you accidentally opened a library... you will have to click down one link - unless you are clicking something higher.  Trying to click the third item?  Good luck, now it's the fourth!


Why can't we just have something on the views menu or ribbon menu to show just "Shared with us" items?  Like others, this is a team site that will have NOTHING EVER shared to it.  The only people that would ever need anything on this team site are already part of the team.



@murbanek :   Can you show an example ? (which settings to activate / deactivate, example code to implement and so on...)


All other suggested solutions does not work (for me), but I'm not sure how to test your solution, as I don't fully understand.   Are you adding a html pane and then manually making the links you want?