Delete Redirect sites from a renamed tenant

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After a tenant rename, redirect sites have been created for every existing sites prior to the tenant rename. However these are causing issues with a third party backup solution which is unable to filter out those redirect sites.


Running the cmdlet Remove-SPOSite -Identity https://[oldDomainName].com/sites/housestuff throws the error 


Remove-SPOSite : The site url [oldDomainName].com does not reference a domain in this tenant. 


Accessing  https://[oldDomainName].com/sites/housestuff from the browser redirects to the new domain  https://[newDomainName].com/sites/housestuff correctly.


Any help or advice will be appreciated. 



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The redirect for the root site and my site was accidentally deleted first before the rest of the redirects were removed. It is an expected behaviour by design and Ms will recreate the redirect for the root site and my site and I will test deletion of redirect sites excluding the root site.