Delete Items from Large Microsoft Lists

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Hi, I really need help here.


the simple question: now that SharePoint Lists does not preview my list since the list is very large, how can i delete items to reduce the amount? selecting and clicking delete is not an option since Microsoft is not giving me a preview of the list. (this is a Microsoft list)


How i got to this place you may ask, well i am newbie with power automate, i tried to create a flow that duplicates a list item if the value in one column meets a condition. however for the trigger i user "Create or modify an item" this flow created about 17,000 duplicates, so now i am unable to delete them all since the list app (or the SharePoint app) won't show me the items. the thing is that i don't want to lose the items that were there before.


i tried creating a flow that deletes all those items, but it ran for 7 hours i had to cancel it because it was running for all this time. so nothing got deleted.


Any ideas of how i can easily delete list items, even though i cant see the list?



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If you are in a modern list and indexing, you should be able to create some views that allow you to delete items, but PowerShell is much faster.

This should let you delete everything via PowerShell, you have to scroll down towards the bottom.