Delete item from Edit new Menu




I just created a document template in the document library and i want the old one be removed from the document library.

However, I noticed that template are still in the list even i deleted the documents and emptied the recycle bin. 


Do you have an ideas how to clear items here?




Thank you!


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Hi @hunk0227 


when you have content types, deactive it on the library.


I think, the default types can't be deleted. When you have your own entries, you should have a context menu on "...".


Regards, Dave

Hi David,

Thanks for the information.
I tried that viewpoint but it doesn't work either.
When you press delete and go back to the menu the items are still there both enabled and disabled content type.


Hi @hunk0227 


oh i see, after delete, the items in the menu still available...i think, it's a bug, hope it will fixed soon.


Regards, Dave