Delete an External User (Before they access the invite link)

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Morning All, 


I created a group for external users to access a SharePoint site.  I was made aware that 1 user should not be part of the group and to be removed immediately (after the invites had been issued).  


I cannot seem to remove the user from the group, as their name doesn't appear in the list yet (they haven't clicked on the invite link to view SharePoint yet). 


Is there anyway I can remove access for an external user before they click on the invite link I sent out?  I know the process once the name is visible in "People and Groups", but unsure how to remove a user without them accessing the link first.  


The only thing I can think of at this stage is to delete the entire group and setup a new group adding everyone else other than the 1user (albeit this seems a bit backwards, so though I'd reach out to others). 



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I have resolved this issue myself, so thought I would share  (in case other users have the same issue). 


To remove a user's access whilst their invite is "Pending", navigate to the "Access Requests" page as follows;


1) Open the SharePoint site this relates to

2) Click on Settings (cog in top right hand corner)

3) Click on "Site Settings"

4) Click on "Access Requests and Invitations" (under "Users and Permissions)


This provides a list of all External User Invitations that are still pending, click on  "..." next to the user name and a popup box appears with the option to "Withdraw".  


Now I write this, I cant believe it took me so long to find this. 


An alternative, (I stumbled across this accidently and worked my way back), is to use the following link;





Just a question, I cannot find anymore under site settings the section "Access Requests and Invitations". Nor can I go to the URL of the Access Requests link. (error, cannot find list)
Do you experience the same? It seems this section has completely disappeared in modern SharePoint M365.