Define a custom content type for a Folder inside a document librry will be ignored

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I have created a custom content type name Foldercustom which have its parent = Folder and contain a custom column named "Dept", as follow:-






now inside the document library i defined the FolderCustom content type as the default content type, as follow:-





but when i sync the library using one drive and i create a new folder inside my PC the folder created inside the document library will still have the built-in Folder content type instead of the Foldercustom content type.. is this a bug?

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Hello @john john


i think it's not possible out of the box. We use for this scenario document sets, it's also a folder and you can customizing this kind of content type.


You can find more about document sets here:


Best, Dave 

@David Mehrbut when we add a new document from our PC >> the document will have the custom content type related to documents  (which have Documents as its parent) named CT... so why it is working for documents while failed on the folders?