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Hello All,

Looking for some best practice feedback from the community. When we were assigned a SharePoint tenant as part of our Office 365 subscription, our SharePoint home page is old (classic) Wiki page by default. What is the best practice to replace the default home page with a modern SharePoint communications page and redirect the current home URL to the new home page.

It will be great to get some perspective what the community is doing in this regard!

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Hi Ajay,

Would recommend you read this post.

Now, as you will see in the post you can redirect but it you wait a bit longer you’ll have tools to either convert the root site into a comms site, or move an existing comms site to the root.

Hope that helps to answer your question!

Best, Chris
Ability to convert the root site into a communication site is comming...additionally, it will be also possible to make an existing communication site your root site so it's just a question of time. If you don't want to wait until any of those options happens, what I would recommend is simply create a modern page in your root site and "mark" as home page of your should be enough
Hi Juan,
thanks for the feedback, any idea what is the timeline in regards to the availability of the functionality to convert root site to communications site?
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CY2019 Q4 per Microsoft365 roadmap update.

You’ll need to search for feature Number 46338 on the roadmap

Best, Chris
Thanks Chris!

The new switch root site Power Shell Camlet is now available …. maybe a little late ... but you can build a Modern Template site and then with the PS command switch it to the root site.@Ajay Mandal   Have Fun!