Default view in custom list on mobile phone broken?

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The default view in a custom list on mobile now shows tiles instead of a list of the items. Is there a way to set the classic list view back for a custom list or is this a bug?



The desktop browser renders the list view as usual:




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I noticed this yesterday. It was displaying fine last week, but something has changed when displaying on mobile devices. I now get that broken image tag also.


Reaffirms to me how "beta" modern lists really are.




How are you browsing the lists in the mobile: using the browser or the SharePoint App? In the SharePoint App lists are displayed quite well

The mobile app needs to update to use default views, by default it's always all items, which is a bad experience. 

The first screenshot is from the browser in the SharePoint app on Android.
We tested it on iPhone on it's native browser as well and it is the same effect.

We have the same problem. Our Users can not use this broken view. Has anyone a solution for this problem?


The view is broken with mobile browser (chrome on iOS) and when you open the list with the embedded browser in the app.

We have the same issue. Our workarround is the use of the datasheet view of the list. But thats not the idea of the mobile view.

Going to check this and will get back to you

im unable to reproduce the issue. Can you please verify is the issue is happening at this moment ? And if so, does the list have any special configuration ? or just out of the box ?

can you reproduce the issue as we speak ?

I can reproduce the issue. It is an "out of the box" list. I created a sitepage with an link to the list. After that I opened the SharePoint iOS App -> navigated to the site page and clicked on the link to the sharepoint list. Now the list opens in the "app browser" and the view is broken.


i was able to repro.


Will update the thread once i´ve got updates.


Currently a possible workaround is to use classic and not modern ux.



any updates on this issue? I've just stumbled on it also.





I have this problem in Android too.  Interestingly I have one modern list that renders fine on the SharePoint app (with names listed) and one that does the tile thing.  Both are standard lists that I created to manage two different sets of contents. One is on our main site and one is on a subsite. That is the only difference. I was thinking of saving the working one as a template and then loading it on the subsite to see if that makes a difference or not, but not sure if I will bother or not given that other people see this problem too.

Hmm, I just noticed that if I go to the list (that was showing as tiles) on mobile via the Sites menu and then go to Lists, the list looks normal. If I click to the subsite through the main site then I get the tile view of the list. So I have a workaround.

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A fix should reach the tenants in 2 or 3 weeks.