Default sub-folder/permission structure for new Sharepoint sites

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I'm looking for a solution for new Sharepoint sites that are connected to Teams Channels.


These will be use for Individual company projects.   What I'd like to accomplish is for each new Project, a Sharepoint site is created with specific subfolders that have predetermined user/group permissions.  For example, a Financial folder that is restricted to appropriate groups, etc.


Can someone point me in the right direction to accomplish this?

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Do you allow 'self service site creation' or do you create them centrally? and have you tried making a template site and replicating that?
Another option could be a tool like ShareGate, you would have to create them centrally, but it would allow you to import a library with the structure and permissions
Also, I know my Dynamics team did something very similar using scripting..

@carlsmith Appreciate the reply.   We haven't tried anything yet, I'm at the point of looking for a workable solution.


Are you able to set permissions with the scripting, if so, I would love to be pointed in the right direction.  I'll also look into site templates

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You can add a secured document Library to a MS Teams site as an Application.


I would not recommend using Document Library folders with independent permissions, this can get cumbersome to manage. 


Create a New Document Library with independent permissions for all files or folders that need its own secured content.


You can use Azure Security Groups as well to manage the permissions by the Group Owners. Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Another question if you would...

If we create a standard channel, it gets its own folder in documents. Can we move that to be a Subfolder in the main General folder of the root Team