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I want to be able to track the date a status changed on a SharePoint list.. so ideally when someone adds a list item, then changes the status of the item to "Ready" in this example (we have metadata with status options to apply) I want the date to be out into another column of data. Essentially this date will signify the date my team was passed the item for review... This has proved difficult as we only have the created date of modified date of the item. But these dates dont reflect the date it was set as "ready"

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@Cwillia43 Hello,

Please create a new date field to contain the date for when the status was changed to ready.
Create a automation flow with Power Automate that looks at a specific listitem and gets triggered if the status is ready. Then apply the date on the new field.

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  @Cwillia43 there is a Laura Rogers blog post that explains how to do what @ArefHalmstrand describes at but make sure you don't just copy her sub expression in point 4 as the apostrophes will be copied over incorrectly; put your own apostrophes in from the keyboard.


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Yeah, that post is great. :)

For anyone who cannot make out what the script is in the bonus section of that article:
@equals(triggerOutputs()?['body/Status/Value'], 'Completed')