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Hi Everyone,  


I would like to create a SharePoint list that has a date range picker, but limits the dates that can be selected (for instance, users can only select a date range for the month of September.

Is this possible?  


Additionally, is it possible to keep a SharePoint list active for a certain period of time?  For example, users can only access a list from 6/1/2020 to 6/21/2020; anytime outside of that range, users cannot access the list.



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@Robbie_P it's not possible to limit the dates in the date picker to a specific range. You could erhaps do something in Power Apps to validate the date selected - see April Dunnam's article on this at


You can't keep a list active for a certain period of time other than to manually change the permissions  after a particular date.


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@RobElliott  thanks, Rob.  Appreciate the prompt response.  I'll check the article out and will utilize the workflow you mentioned regarding the changes to permissions.