Date display / format keeps changing when we edit list item

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Over the last week we are suddenly experiencing an issue with one of the date fields in our SP list appearing with as "Month, DD, YYYY" format when we edit and save a record. It should be "DD/MM/YYYY"

I have checked Regional settings and this is correct.

The field doesn't have any conditional formatting set.


We are using Chrome. When the user's clear Browsing History, the date returns to the correct format. However, the next time they edit an item in the list, the start date displays incorrectly for that item again.


Example below but I have also attached a screenshot.

Start Date: appears as "December 13, 2016" 

End Date: appears in the correct format as it should: 30/06/2023


Has anyone else experienced this? What would the fix be?




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@KGr33n Maybe this is because of recent updates by Microsoft to SharePoint online. I have seen below similar thread where OP is also facing issues with date format: SharePoint changing dates to US format 


Raise a support ticket with Microsoft directly and report this issue: Get M365 support - online support 

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@ganeshsanap Thanks for the suggestion. I have submitted a MS support ticket. Fingers crossed for a favourable and somewhat swift resolution.