Date comparison in Json for column formatting in a list

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In the Json Panel for formatting a list column, I'm trying to compare two columns [DATE FIN] and [CODE PROJET.DATE RECONDCT].

[DATE FIN] is in date format in my Sharepoint list. But  I'm not sure [CODE PROJET.DATE RECONDCT] is in date format because it comes in date format from another list.


So I tried this =>

"$schema": "",
"elmType": "div",
"debugMode": true,
"txtContent": "@currentField",
"style": {
"padding": "0 4px",
"background-color": {
"operator": "?",
"operands": [
"operator": "<",
"operands": [


This json works but gives a wrong comparison. I supposed I got a problem of date format. So I tried first to compare the columns directly, then to convert with a localString the one coming from the other list... but these comparisons are always wrong.


What do I have to do, to compare correctly these two columns?

Thanks for you help.


NB: when I access with power bi to these data, I get text format as DD/MM/YY hh:mm:ss for both columns.


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Is this column [CODE PROJET.DATE RECONDCT] added to your main list using the lookup column (as additional field) from another SharePoint list?

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Hi ganesh
Yes it is.