Date column automatically updates to a future date based on another date column

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I am creating a SharePoint list which has a date column where team members will select the date that they attempted to contact a client.


There is a second date column which will contain days that a 60 days from what has been entered in the previous column. This date is when we must attempt contact with that client again. I would like to know if there is a way to have this column automatically update to the required date, this will save a little bit of time for the team having to count the days out themselves.

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Hi @DBreezy92 - after you create the first column, maybe called '1st Contact', create a calculated column, in the formula box, you'd enter =[1st Contact]+30. Make sure to format it as a date. Once that's in place you can add rules or power automate flows to remind folks. Or even just add some conditional formatting that turns fields red when it's time to reach back out.

@DBreezy92 from the list settings just create a calculated column  and type = then select the column with the contacted date then type +60:



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