Date Calculations for SharePoint List Columns

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Hello everyone,

I want to create some calculated columns in my SharePoint List. The conditions are as follows:

1) Start Date Column : Documents Today's Date whenever a new item is created / added to SharePoint List. 

2) 8D ETD Date Column: Start Date + 24 Working Days (Mon-Fri).

3) XYZ Date Column: DOcuments Today's Date whenever the STatus of the List Changes From Status "A" to Status "B".

How do i achieve these things

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Hi @akash_saraswat ,

you can do this better with power automate, then with calculated fields. Those are only a calculated view and consist of not real data. To consistantly manipulate your SharePoint Fields, just set 2 normal additional text fields within your list or library. These text fields you can calculate in an automatic flow, e.g. when an item is created or modified.


The dates-data then will be transformed into text, with the json code, back to your list.


Specially when your second calculated field has to have a condition, I recommend strongly to do that in power automate.


If you don´t where to start to learn it with date calculations, pls. explore the youtube videos from Audrie Gordon and her Friday's Functions Series. I learned a lot from her and can remember one of her videos dealing with date functions... Hope that helps, Eva.