Data Classification Value From A SharePoint Document Library

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I have a field in a SharePoint Document Library, called [Data Classification] with options of:

-Strictly Confidential
I can show/hide this field from the form view.  I can add this field to all other existing views or new view created.  But I cannot see this field in Library settings (with the rest of the columns) - I can only see the field when I go to the view section.  I am also not able to extract this value using Power Automate (i.e. if a row or item has a value of "-Internal" - I'd like to do something with it in Power Automate to update another list or field whenever the item is edited or a if a new item is added) -- but I cannot seem to extract this field value from Power Automate.  


I have also tried to pull the field into Power Apps (doing the usual adding of SharePoint DL as a connector in PAs) - but I can't see that field as a selected field to pull into Power Apps.


Am I trying to achieve something that is not possible?  If not, can someone help me work out how I can extract that value?



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