Dashboard quota meter malfunction?


Every few days I check our Teams SP site usage. Previous check was on 04.14.20, showing 363.14GB used of 1.26TB. 
Now on this Monday, this is what I see today (yellow highlight)...0.00 MB used of 1.26TB. ???



Anyone know what's going on? Is this related to Microsoft's weekend "service degradation" issues?


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Seems to be a problem related to service degradation as you mention

@Juan Carlos González Martín 

So you are seeing similar inaccuracies? Has anyone heard direct from Microsoft about this problem?
It's not just the quota bar either. When I check that top site's Storage Metrics page the "Storage used (GB)" is closer to 74GB. I realize that there is a normal lag in how often the Admin Center stats update but this is waaaay off.



For anyone following this thread, today the quota bar and site size numbers look much more normal. I also see that MS has been rolling out fixes to their SP incident so likely that is why.


So it was fixed, now broken again...same issue, showing 0.00 MB used in the quota bar. And the reported storage per site is inaccurate. 
Has anyone reported this to MS? How can I do so if not? This really sucks.




This looks like a glitch.  It will probably correct itself as these things often do, but if not, I would suggest  you open a ticket with Microsoft to check into it for you.

@PeterRising If a glitch its been a recurring one; started seeing this before this weekend, just as happened originally. And they've still not resolved their Teams and SP "service degradation" incidents.




Ah I see.  That's frustrating.

@PeterRising Yes it is....thanks.

Uh, HELLO Microsoft....this is broken...AGAIN. Not been working for a week or more. PLEASE FIX!!