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Good afternoon! After adding the "News" web part on one of the tenants, the title "Portal" appeared above the name of the news.
This title is not displayed on other tenants. Where does this title come from and how can we remove it?




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@Elisaveta_Skibina it will show the name of the site the news was posted on if the site where you have the news web part  is either a hub site or a site associated with a hub site.


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News can come from many different sites, but there may be one or more "official" or "authoritative" sites for organization news. News from these sites are distinguished by a color block on the title as a visual cue, and are interleaved throughout all news posts displayed for users on SharePoint home in Microsoft 365 . The following image shows news on SharePoint home where News@Contoso is the organization news site. 


DocumentationUse the news web part on SharePoint page - organization news 

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