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I've been asked to look into the possibility of surfacing our MS Teams SPO sites/Groups on a page in SPO.  The Sites Webpart kind of does this, but its not able to show all o365 groups/Teams that im connected to.  I though this would be some sort of Search query but I haven't done many in SP2013 much less SPO.


Is this possible with custom code or webparts?

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Yeah, that's possible. Take a look at the Web Parts available in the SharePoint GitHub repository managed by Microsoft and the PnP Team
Thanks I will have a look. I'm also looking at a possible PowerApp, I already have a SPO list tracking our Teams that have been approved.
I would recommend looking into a custom web part and using Microsoft Graph functions. They are basically putting everything about users and the various data tied to each user into Microsoft Graph.
This one here might be useful:
Thanks, I was looking at this briefly but I did want to go to far down unfamiliar territory (Graph)