Customize Sharepoint App Bar, Hide Create Button

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Is it possible to customize the sp app bar, for example hide the Create-Button/define what the users can create with it? For example no Lists/Sharepointsite?


Also, does anyone know if Microsoft will force Organisations with existing Tenants to use the SP App Bar? Because at the moment, in our existing Tenant, we have it deactivated, because we dont/cant use it as it is. So it would be bad if Microsoft force activates the App Bar for us in our Tenant

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@Noname320 I don't think currently there is any SharePoint out of the box way to customize SharePoint app bar to hide/limit any available options OR customize the behavior of those options.


Maybe, you can limit site creation by following: Manage site creation in SharePoint 


Also, Microsoft no longer allowing customers to disable the SharePoint app bar. Check below documentations for more information:

  1. Introducing a SharePoint app bar that features global navigation 
  2. Enable and Customize Global navigation in the SharePoint app bar 
  3. Use the SharePoint app bar 
  4. Introduction to the SharePoint app bar 

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@ganeshsanap ok thanks for your answer. How is it with tenants that exists already and have the app bar deactivated? does the bar remain deactivated until we choose to activate it?